140 m2 of floating Formex® Module Ice.

Main features:

The modules will be submersible to protect from the ice of the Winter.
Formex® module with submersible tube floaters. Beams and joists made of Formex®.

Species farmed:
  • oysters
  • mussels
  • macroalgae


It will be the new sea garden of the regional association of Limfjorden (Sea Garden Group Limfjorden), and it will host tests from the DTU (Technical University of Denmark)



📢 Installation of the #OpenModeTester2 which is #submersible to avoid winter ice.

2 prototypes were developed this summer for testing in Denmark 🇩🇰 manufactured by our project partner @Preffor_Formex

More info: https://bit.ly/3knJHwk
#EUfunded #EMFF @cinea_eu

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