With this pilot the project progresses towards affordable and resilient platforms adapted for other sustainable Blue Growth sectors, as floating photovoltaics. This plastic-free approach minimizes the connectors and the amount of resources used, providing a durable and sustainable solution for the generation of renewable energy in the sea.

The tester implies a disruptive change from the Formex® raft, as the advanced concrete is at the same time the floater and the base for the ultra-thin PV panel (Solarface technology, developed by Tecnalia).



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The deployment of the marine #floating #photovoltaic prototype is succesfully completed 👏👏
To learn more about this really singular #OpenModeTester5
➡ https://open-mode.eu/testers/atlantic-tester-5-marine-photovoltaic-pilot-spain/
@EU_EASME @EU_MARE #BlueEconomy

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