OpenMode will focus on four regions for carrying out its activities: the Atlantic basin, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea regions.

  • In the Atlantic basin, the main problem is the intensity of the swell in open waters.
  • In the Mediterranean basin, the lack of phytoplankton in the protected areas and the intense predatory.
  • In North sea and Baltic sea, the absence of an intensive system that enables to scale-up the compensation policies.


Atlantic tester location
  • Atlantic basin
  • Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Spain
  • Sensors
  • Camera
North sea tester location
  • North Sea
  • Module number 5
  • Denmark
  • Camera
Mediterranean tester located in Croatia
  • Mediterranean basin
  • Module number 6
  • Croatia
  • Camera
Mediterranean tester located in Montenegro
  • Mediterranean basin
  • Module number 7
  • Montenegro
Mediterranean tester located in Malta
  • Mediterranean basin
  • Module number 8
  • Malta