Previous projects

In 2015 RDC designed a precast raft made of UHC, an innovative material that provides higher durability (>30 years) under aggressive exposure environments. The structure has the same area and elements than the traditional raft (20×27 m). The first prototype was precast in 2016 for the Technology Center AZTI. An intensive work was carried in laboratory and testing prototypes. The continuous monitoring systems (Integrated Sensor Network) and cameras are proving the resiliency of the rafts, which are already demanded by the Galician farmers because they have proven to minimize the operating expenses.

Since 2018 and under the H2020 project ReSHEALience-760824 ( an intense work is being developed to estimate the real durability of structures in XS and XA aggressive environments. A TRL7 540 m2 UHC raft will be floated in Valencia with continuous monitoring including a continuous measurement of the strain in the beams. Some of them are designed to suffer micro-cracking under service to evaluate the level of self-healing reached with different concrete mixtures.