Use of Formex® intensive farming modules

This practical guide is oriented to aquaculture professionals, farmers and enthusiasts of mollusc farming.
During ten sections of approximately 10 minutes it is explained how to use the Formex® modules developed in the project OpenMode, and which are produced by the company PREFFOR ( The content of the training is available in english and subtitled in Spanish.

With free and open access, it can be done at different speed and order. There is no evaluation or control of the progress of the course, but the OpenMode team is available to solve any doubt via email or phone if the user has any doubt.

The guide has been prepared by PREFFOR and RDC in the frame of the project OpenMode, funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.


Module 1: The System

1. What is an aquaculture raft?
2. Parts of a raft
3. Advantages in each EU sea basin
4. Differences between and Formex® rafts other farming systems
5. Commissioning of a raft

Module 2: Farming

6. Health and safety using a raft
7. Steps of mussel farming
8. Steps of oyster farming
9. Aquaculture ropes and knots

Module 3: Innovative technologies

10. Innovations to facilitate farming

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