Trainings and webinars

The trainings on the modules are aimed at shellfish farmers, but also at students, young entrepreneurs or aquaculture enthusiasts, because learning how to farm shellfish with a Formex® module is an affordable option to farm seafood yourself or to start a small farm.

IMPORTANT: due to the COVID-19 health emergency, its consequences on people’s mobility and the protective measures to stop the spread of the disease, the training initially planned by the OpenMode project will only be held online. Access is open and free of charge, please click on the following link:


Do you want to know how to optimally farm with the modules?


Three student-oriented colloquiums will be organized to disseminate with the cooperation of the Universities involved in the OpenMode project. Students, researchers and other related EU projects will be invited to participate in these sessions.

Proposed topics are:

  • The possibilities of advanced materials for blue growth development
  • New technologies for shellfish farming
  • Intensive shellfish farming to combat eutrophication

First Colloquium

11 March, 2021.

Online with students from Master’s degree in Structural and Construction Engineering of the UPC.

Second Colloquium

14 April, 2021.

With students from the Advanced Concretes course of the Universitat Politècnica València.

Third Colloquium: Mussel farming in raft system

 26 May, 2021.

With students of the course of Technologies for growing aquatic organisms. University Zadar, Croatia

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